image project The Variability Bugs Database application

The Variability Bugs Database application

The Variability Bugs Database application have been implemented in the context of academic research in Software Engineering at the IT University of Copenhagen in the Software and Systems research group.

August 2014
image project Taco DSL

Taco DSL

A Domain Specific Language to generate surveys to HTML5 responsive web-apps and Android native applications.

May 2014
image project Connected Mind Neural Network

Connected Mind Neural Network

Neuroevolution project implementing Evolutionary Algorithm and Genetic Algorithm with Artificial Neural Networks.

May 2014
image project Ubiquitous Media Sharing Surface

Ubiquitous Media Sharing Surface

Exchanging images between smartphones on a shared surface. Implemented for Android devices and the Microsoft PixelSense Surface.

April 2014
image project Android NFC P2P Communication

Android NFC P2P Communication

Android P2P communication over NFC allowing 2 devices to exchange messages wirelessly.

February 2014
image project Closest Pair of Points Problem

Closest Pair of Points Problem

Visual interactive implementation solving the Closest Pair of Points Problem in O(n log(n)) with the recursive Divide and Conquer algorithm.

September 2013
image project ExportSQLite plugin

ExportSQLite plugin

ExportSQLite is a plugin to export SQLite files from the MySQLWorkbench software.

August 2013
image project TMXResolutionTool


Command line tool to convert .tmx tilemap files and images into different resolutions. The script handles Apple Retina notation for iOS game developer.

April 2013
image project Cocos2D Mask Shader

Cocos2D Mask Shader

Classes allowing masking of sprites with OpenGL ES 2.0 shaders in Cocos2D for iOS.

January 2013
image project Arduino Remote-Controlled Glass Drum

Arduino Remote-Controlled Glass Drum

Remote-controlled Servo motor and LED through Web Server on Arduino board using AJAX asynchronous request.

December 2012
image project Cocos2D Chipmunk Scaffold

Cocos2D Chipmunk Scaffold

This Objective-C project is a scaffold for Cocos2D iPhone Framework and Chipmunk physics engine. It lets you easily and fastly create a dynamic Chipmunk physics game with graphics features.

November 2012
image project Face Tac Toe

Face Tac Toe

Face Tac Toe is an Android application developed in Java with the OpenGL ES library AndEngine. A basic Artificial Intelligence have been implemented for the game.

November 2012
image project The Web Copter Experiment

The Web Copter Experiment

This experiment use the latest web technologies HTML5, WebGL, OpenGL Shaders and CSS3.
The aim was mainly to experiment the possibilities of those new web technologies.

October 2012
image project Blork The Shmurph

Blork The Shmurph

This project was a work at Les Gobelins school. We had to imagine and build a mobile game application with Flex and AIR in 35 hours.

September 2012
image project Air Kinect Gesture Lib

Air Kinect Gesture Lib

This lib is an open source ActionScript3 program wich allows developers to play with Kinect and Adobe AIR.

May 2012
image project Flex / AIR Kinect Lab

Flex / AIR Kinect Lab

This project is an experiment realize for the Flex / AIR course of Les Gobelins school. The program is written in ActionScript3 and use the Kinect native extension as3NUI.

May 2012
image project The Pony Factory

The Pony Factory

Have you ever dreamed to create your own pony ? This is now possible thanks to this Javascript and HTML5 experiment.

February 2012
image project Play with physics

Play with physics

In this physics simulation experiment, you have to move a ball from A to B in 10 different levels.

March 2011
image project Plant VS Bieber

Plant VS Bieber

A little arcade game in which you have to defend yourself against a deadly Justin Bieber army.This experiment use HTML5 and Javascript.

March 2011
image project Augmented reality with marker

Augmented reality with marker

Play with 3D models displayed in augmented reality.This experiment is developed in ActionScript3 and compile for Flash player.

February 2011
image project Pixel Destroyer

Pixel Destroyer

A little old school like arcade game developed with Flash and its ActionScript3 language.

February 2011
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